Food For Thought

There is alway something special about making Childrens toys,  it allows you to take a trip back to your childhood.  I always remember as a child the items that were made for me and my sister at Christmas and throught out the year by my Mum and Dad, and feeling special because no one had anything like mine and as it was a bespoke item. 

I really enjoyed myself making these little food items for my Nieces little girl.  A lot of my insperation came from Pintrest with all the wonderful ideas from other like minded crafters. I thought when I started it would take me ages to make them, it probably did, but the time seemed to pass so fast maybe I was enjoying myself so much. 

Everything is Stitched by Hand.

I will be selling some of my Food creations on my  "Handmade" Amazon seller profile, so please take a look.  If you type cukybugcrafts into the Amazon search bar this will bring up my store where you can find many Handmade items for sale.

Cake Stand

I made this Cake Stand from Foam Board and covered it with Fancy Paper and then added the Lace for a lovely Vintage feel. Because the Stand is made from Foam Board its really light so is easy to pick up and is also safe.

Both Tires

Selection of Lovely Cake to make your mouth water.

Top Tire

Donut, Lemon Meringue Pie, Chocloate Flake Cake, Battenberg and Chocolate Roll.

Top Tire

French Fancies, Strawberry Cheese Cake and Chocolate Eclair.

Chocci Cakes

Chocolate Flake Cake, Chocolate Rolls, Rocky Road, Chocolate Eclair and Millionaire's Shortbread. 

French Fancies

Exceedingly good to eat!!!


Ginger Bread Men, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Jammy Hearts.

Fish and Chips

I made each piece from Felt and filled them with stuffing, then went on to make the Box with a Hand drawn design,  I chuckled to myself when the Fish N Chips and Mushy Peas went into the box, just like the real thing.


The box was made from a Cardboard box cut up and glued to form a shape of the Fish "N" Chip box.

Fish "N" Chip

Can you smell the Salt and Vinegar? just waiting to be eaten.

Pizza for 4

Stuff Crust Pizza

The Box is Handmade from a piece of Cardboard fashioned around the real thing.

Stuff Crust Pizza, with toppings of Tomato Paste, Cheese, Mushrooms, Peppers, Ham and  Pepperoni. 

Full English Breakfast

Start your Day with a full English Breakfast.

Sausages, Eggs, Bacon and Tomato’s

Apple and Pear

Whole Apple and Pear.

Banana and Kiwi

Banana's, Banana Slices and Kiwi.

Quartered Apples and Oranges.

Quartered and Good enough to eat.

Watermelon and Strawberrys

Juicy Watermelon and Sweet Strawberrys.


Tiny Sardines

Pasta Bows

Everyones favourite.


Ham, egg and cucumber 

lettuce cheese and tomato

Chicken Nuggets and Chips

Special Treat Nuggets and Chips

Pork Pie and Chips

Good old pie and chips


Salt and Vinegar, Plain and Beef.

Cuppa Tea!!!

For that lovely Brew.