Vintage Photo Frame

I have never made anything like this before, the challage to make a lovely Weddin Gift for my Niece was on.  I bought I gold Ornate frame and had a rough iead with what I wanted to achive. I first paint the frame all over with a Just off white chalk paint fr more of a orthentic rustic vinvtage feel. When the paint was dry and gently sanded the frame to retreive some of the gold paint underneith. 


I wanted the frame to have a special feature so I decieded to make a small tree. The tree was made from gold coloured alumininum. firstly wound the wire around a piece of plastic board severel times. Next I placed a plastic stirer in one end of the wire and twisted the wire to form the trunk of the tree, then cut the other end. I devided the wires into 3 bunches and twisted each bunch again to form branches and carried on the same deviving each bunch to form more branches maikng sure they got smaller and shorter as I went on to look like tree. I did the same with the other end of the wires to form the roots but less odf them. When I was happy with the look I placed the tree on the frame and bent the roots to lay over thr frame then I took some florist brown tape, the tape is slightly sticky so as you wrap it around the branches and roots it sticks to itself.  I had glued the fence in place onto the frame and added the bike so I knew where to place the tree.

Positioning of all the elemnts

I took all the elements I was usig on the frame and did a dry run to make sure everything looked ok and I was happy before gluing them on. The elements I used were the Bike which was bought from a online Craft Store which is really nice as it is Metal and quite detailed I left the Bike white, I used Croched flowrs, Padlock and Key, Key Charms, Poscard Charm, Mullberry flowers, silk leaves, some scrolls and leave elmenets I made myself from some moulds I bought and some resin birds, photo frame Heart and Cherb water fountain by Prima Marketing and small jar of glitter dust within the Heart frame.  When I was sitifided everything was in place I started to glue them on bit by bit, the last thing was to add the small keys and postcard to the tree so they moved slightly when touched.  The finishing touch was to dry paint the whole lot carfully not to apply too much paint so it didnt look heavy but delicate and aged.